Friday, October 12, 2007

ICJ all decisions chart

we have drawn an unique statistical chart on all decisions rendered by International Court of Justice.Here you can download a copy of it :

download link:

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

About the Author : Amin Allah Zarefar

Dr. Amin-Allah Zarefar was born in 3 December 1976 in KHorramabad,the center of Lurestan province of Iran.He got his LLB from Shahid Beheshti University(formerly The National University of Iran), (1998),LLD from University of Tehran(2003) and LLD from University of Tehran(2007).His doctorate thesis is on "hierarchy in international norms".He is one student of reputable international lawyer DJamshid Momtaz,former member and head of International Law Commission and member of Institute De Droit International.

Online Journal of International Law is created just now!

We are so pleased to announce  that Online Journal of International law is created now.